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Blasting Abrasives for Finishing, Cleaning, Deburring and Peening and more applications

A wide variety of Blasting Abrasives for use in a wide variety of applications.

Glass Beads Finishing, Cleaning, Deburring and Peening. The smaller the glass beads the smoother the finish. Larger spheres produce a more textured finish. Glass Beads
Aluminum Oxide Cleaning, Deburring, Etching and Finishing. Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide
Steel Shot Used in peening applications for a clean, smooth and polished finish that produces minimal dust. Steel Shot
Steel Grit Used to produce an etched surface for superior paint and coating adhesion. Steel Grit
Plastic Media Used for paint stripping, mold cleaning, deburring and deflashing. Plastic Media
Crushed Glass Crushed glass is an economical replacement for Silca Sand. Crushed Glass

Corn Cob - used to de-burr, burnish, de-flash and polish a wide variety of products.

Corn Cob

Baking Soda Environmentally friendly, water soluble, silica free blasting media for cleaning, paint removal and degreasing.

Baking Soda

Walnut Shell Used as an economical biodegradable soft media for sensitive blasting operations.

Walnut Shell

Silicon Carbide The hardest blasting material available has a very fast cutting speed which allows for shorter blasting times and lower costs per hour relative to other media.

Silicon Carbide

Ceramic Media Used for deburring, cleaning, finishing and polishing of metal, ceramic and plastic parts.

Ceramic Media
Cut Wire - Used for aggressive surface cleaning and conditioning. Cut Wire

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